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well it took us what like four months?....meh anyway the band is oficialy being called Toxic Crusade. I got the idea from an old sega genesis game with the same name. i think its cool and whatnot.


2010-11-09 18:41:49 by CaptainAwesomeness

we finaly found a vocalist, and he's actualy a good ol' friend of mine. he moved to texas a few years back but he's back and joined the band a couple days ago! god knows i'm happy. Still havent thought of a name yet though. Were leaning towards Dilema, but who knows.

but anyways here's our lineup:
Tre: Vocals
Daniel: guitar
me: Bass
Breihan (pronounced bree-an): Drums

Hope we can get some stuff on here soon


The Story So far...

2010-10-09 22:11:51 by CaptainAwesomeness

well i finaly got to post something on here, and it only took what, like, 10 months? but i those 10 months, a lot of things happened . i started 11th grade, joind a band (which is still in progress of finding a vocalist) broke up with my girl friend of 1 1/2 years, and bought my very first vehicle (a rusted out 69' GMC pickup), and i still have tons to do so, do to that and the inability of my computer to think,i wont be able to make that many more submissions. but anyway.
- Captainawesomeness